Head of Strategy, M&A, and Business Intelligence

Head of Strategy, M&A, and Business Intelligence


Brussels, Belgium


By joining the Group Strategy and Product Expansion Division, you will be joining an international and geographically spread team that, through strong collaboration, articulates the corporate and business strategy and engages the company to deliver and grow profitable products & services. You will contribute to growing our relevance in post trade by realising the regulatory agenda in strengthening the financial industry, leveraging our franchise to expand globally, and re-architecting the post trade landscape.

The Strategy team covers corporate strategy, alliances, partnerships, M&A, global expansion and new product strategy. It also sets the company’s target Return on Equity. By providing long-term answers and contributing to growing Euroclear’s relevance in post trade by realising the regulatory agenda in strengthening the financial industry, leveraging our franchise to expand globally and re-architecting the post trade landscape, the strategy team and Euroclear’s strategic vision is to remain a leading partner of the global capital markets.

The Global Head of Strategy and M&A looks at Euroclear from a ‘business model’ perspective; the technology division complements everything that they are aiming to do.


The Global Head of Strategy and M&A plays a leadership role in the business, leading the strategy team in the development of long-range of strategic plans and objectives through the identification of strategic issues and opportunities that could influence business growth and profitability.

By leveraging a strong knowledge and connectedness in the financial industry, as ell as a good knowledge of industry trends and the power of disruptive technologies, FinTech and market infrastructure, the GHS will rapidly prioritise priority areas for the team to explore. If not from a market structure background, they will rapidly gain a strong understanding of the nuances of Euroclear’s horizontal / vertical post-trade business model and tailor their efforts to this end. They will use their market contacts in order to effectively engage with external parties and position Euroclear as a valuable potential partner. They will have an excellent ‘corporate strategy’ mind-set, understanding where to buy, build, partner or co-create. Possessing a keen numerical ability, the GHS will able to effectively quantify the commercial benefits of their proposed initiatives.

The duties of the Global Head of Strategy and Innovation are inclusive of competitor benchmarking, marketing program effectives, industry intelligence, and development of strategic initiatives. The Global Head of Strategy and Innovation leads the department in launching high priority strategic initiatives, working directly with the business’s leadership, executives, and stakeholders.

The responsibilities are as follows:

  • Develop and implement a business development strategy that aligns with the Euroclear organization’s overall vision;
  • Lead, direct, and control all business development activities to meet the organization’s short and long-term business objectives;
  • Contribute to strategic planning and decision-making at the executive level to develop and implement a business development strategy that aligns with the organization’s overall vision and its current and long-term business objectives;
  • Identify, evaluate, negotiate and manage the most complex or strategically important business opportunities, for example sales, projects, consulting engagements, partnerships, alliances, mergers, or acquisitions that will contribute to the organization’s short and long-term business goals;
  • Evaluate the findings of market research or analysis projects, assess the viability of alternative opportunities, and present recommendations to top executives or the Board;
  • Establish high-level, significant relationships with potential clients, customers, partners, key decision-makers, and industry leaders (for example in government or industry associations) to promote the organization’s products and services. Lead the most important, complex, controversial or difficult meetings and negotiations with potential clients and business partners to pursue business opportunities and protect the organization’s business interests;
  • Lead, direct, evaluate, and develop a team of managers and professionals (ca 10 people) to achieve established sales and business development goals;
  • Ultimate responsibility for the management and integration of activities that are diverse and often conflicting, involving strategic planning and direction over a number of years;
  • Decision-making involves the use of creative thinking and significant judgment to create functional policy with long term scope;
  • The focus is towards proactive strategy development for a functional discipline/the development of long term policy for a business unit;
  • Jobs typically have a direct and controlling impact on the results of a significant area of a large organization or on a key aspect of performance of a medium to large sized organization;
  • Work with the companies within the group to examine critically their current portfolio of businesses and to formulate strategies for future profitable growth;
  • Coordinate input from all major business units to facilitate the integration of individual business unit plans with the corporate plan;
  • Analyse the future implications of strategic intent and validates the strategy;
  • Analyse the effectiveness of current organization structures and business processes to identify best practices and opportunities for Improvement;
  • The position is based in Brussels or London. You will travel more or less 25% of your time.


What we’re looking for:

  • Education: The Global Head of Strategy has to have a master’s degree (Phd preferred) in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or any other related business field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable;
  • This is a truly strategic role. The candidate for this position must have had at least 15 years of working experience, at least 10 of which were spent in management/strategy consulting or in a strategy management position, preferably working as a senior strategy director in a fast paced and dynamic business environment. The candidate will also have had previous experience overseeing activities of a strategy management team, and is preferably well connected in the financial market industry;
  • He/She will also demonstrate the ability obtain and filter information, identify key issues relevant to the achievement of long-term strategic goals, and commit to the realized course of action for the purpose of accomplishing those goals. A candidate for this position will additionally have a proven ability to generate new outlooks of the business on the market, for example, through trend forecasting, experiential marketing, and innovation;
  • He/She will further have had experience in strategic planning and analysis, marketing/market research, competitive intelligence, and corporate business development.
  • The suitable candidate will additionally have an overall business acumen and solid financial grounding as well as a proven and successful track record of developing and driving growth initiatives and identifying business opportunities in order to develop strategies that capitalize on those opportunities;
  • Communication & negotiation skills: As expected, communication skills are an integral requirement for the role;
  • Good communication skills will be necessary in communicating clear information and instructions down the line to strategy management teams, which will greatly improve their efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Clear communication of sensitive strategic information to business-wide leadership, executives, and stakeholders (CEO, the management committee and all the division heads) will be pivotal in determining how effectively these strategies will be executed across the business. He/She will also be required to draw regular reports and deliver presentations to senior strategy management leadership, executives, and regular stakeholders;
  • Therefore, these reports must be insightful, clear, easy-to-understand, engaging, and convincing, in order to facilitate appropriate strategy decision-making across the business;
  • Analytical Skills: The candidate must also possess strong financial analysis and modelling skills in order to perform financial analyses for the purpose of assisting in the exploration of strategic options, the development of creative solutions to complex issues, and for the support of decision-making;
  • This is inclusive of the ability to design and perform unique analyses that require the application of single or multiple strategic and financial concepts and tools such as economic analyses, statistical analyses, risk assessment, competitive analysis, exposure analysis, and implications to business strategic position;
  • Leadership Skills: Providing direction, Strategic agility, Business Acumen, Self-reflection and Inspiring/Engaging are important skills needed to be a strong leader at Euroclear. The candidate needs to be a “thought leader”;
  • Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for this position will be a strategic and creative thinker, be result-driven, be self-motivated and proactive, have strong and innovative problem solving skills, be open and welcoming to change, and work comfortably in a constantly evolving environment;
  • He/She must also work comfortably in group/collaborative setting or with business executives and stakeholders, have an ability to handle multiple simultaneous projects and meet tight deadlines, and have an ability to remain calm under pressure and in the face of uncertainty.

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