Business Analyst (Data Scientist)

Business Analyst (Data Scientist)

Telenet Group Holding

Mechelen, Belgium

Responsible for driving the data culture within Telenet Business, as a thought leader for Telenet Business you will be leading the development of market, customer and prospect understanding within the whole Telenet Business organization. Via the launch of dedicated data driven business projects you will leverage the data capturing, usage and analytics and guide the Telenet business data program. The data driven approach should improve the marketing effectiveness and customer centricity.

Key Responsibilities

  • Anchor data democratization - Evangelize the data driven culture within TB;
  • Provide expertise, vision and leadership to improve and accelerate the Telenet Business data strategy program;
  • Ideation and launch of data innovation initiatives;
  • Present market, prospect and customer insights to cross functional teams to build up market and business knowledge, support and drive the direction of the development of business plans (marketing, sales, operations);
  • Suppport the increase of data quality and empower the collection and use of existing and new data in order to strengthen the customer and prospect understanding;
  • Synthesize complex insights into easy to understand actionable recommendations that resonate with business stakeholders.

Business Expertise

In depth understanding is needed of the architectural AS IS structure with the different tools, the interaction flows of the data of the different tools and the ongoing TB and Residential data concerned projects. He needs to have the insights in the ideal TO BE architectural situation taking into account the interests of all business parties, this in order to have the right architectural structure and tooling to be able to deliver the right figures, target groups, forecasting on sales figures and set up automated campaigns. For this a close collaboration with the VP Program and transformation office of TB is needed in order to have the right data setup in future.

In depth understanding of different business items & market trends and situation required to deliver actionable recommendations towards the different business segments and to be able to launch interesting data initiatives and be able to evangelize the data driven culture within TB.

Problem Solving

The function has to face with complex data problems, interaction issues between the different tools and differences in interest between differen teams. Key in this function is to introduce innovation and take initiatives to set up new projects to change data and business approach on a structural way. Often there will be conflicts of interests between different teams, by sharing and introducing the global picture we should find a way out that works for everyone. Typical problems include:

  • Data gathering issues - Currently the business sees the capturing of data as an administrative job without any added value for the future;
  • Use of DATA: business is today working based on own intuition, the use of data should support and strengthen the business approach;
  • Data quality issue: - Current quality of Customer and prospect data can be strongly improved. It will be challenging to find ways to improve the quality in a structural way.

Nature & Area of impact

The team is responsible for the data quality, making target groups & leads and delivering insights & figures. Via those items there is a big impact on the effectiveness, efficiency and the results of the different Telenet Business teams. It has also a direct impact on the effectiveness, efficiency and the results of the marketing campaigns. Next to this there will be an impact on the forecasting reports.

The most strategic part is the impact it can have on the future strategic plans, knowing it’s the goal to drive towards a data driven way of doing business.

Interaction/Interpersonal skills

Interaction with LT level, VP Program and transformation office, CRM & MI residential, BI and DWH team, IT department, other teams within marketing department, TB Sales department, TB operations and many external data providers and providers of new technologies. On the longer term the function can represent business on external events. A good global CRM and data vision, coaching, leadership and negotiation skills will be important. Key will be the influencing without hierarchie, stakeholdermgt, story telling, strong communicaton and innovative mindset.


  • University Degree;
  • 5 years experience in data story telling/projects;
  • Analytical Thinking: get to the core question/needs of the customer, breaks problems into parts, isolates areas by differentiating key elements, makes accurate use of logical and appropriate analysis techniques. Draws sound conclusions and analyses ideas critically;
  • Entrepreneur: Recognizes market opportunities for both new and current business; acting accordingly and taking risks when opportunities knock. Focuses on the delivery of targets, quality and deadlines;
  • Information Seeking: obtains and uses data from a variety of sources;
  • Planning & Organizing: defines goals and priorities effectively and indicates necessary actions, time and means to achieve them;
  • Business & technical feeling: be comfortable and efficient working with business people as well as technical oriented people, from IT, BI and other “technical area’s” from Telenet;
  • Project Management – involvement in launching digital test projects.

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