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A Technical Quality Manager (TQM) works for Premium Engagement customers. The aim of this role is to give customers a long term relationship with better access to SAP for topics related to operation and adopting innovation in their SAP centric solutions. The TQM drives that the right services out of the SAP portfolio of proactive and reactive support services are delivered at the right point in time. The TQM also acts as a link to all relevant SAP departments and the SAP Partners for all phases of the customer lifecycle.

The TQM can be a generalist with a strong technical background to organize support for the customer, or a specialist to support customers in particular areas directly or a mixture of both.


Career Level Summary

On career Level “Senior” the TQM works typically on complex customer software solutions with one or few projects. He or she can work independently in this environment and takes the required steps to involve SAP Backoffice functions when needed. The Senior TQM identifies areas where the AGS engagement can add value to the customer IT and business departments and aligns these with the Engineering Architect and SAP Account team.

Larger service plans and support programs such as Engineering Services are aligned directly with customer senior management successfully and the Senior TQM is proficient in communication with CIOs (or equivalent) of medium size companies.


  • Technical evaluation and documentation of customer situation;
  • The Senior TQM gets a detailed understanding of the customer situation, including solution landscape, core business processes, interfaces, critical projects and top issues and makes sure they are documented in the SAP Solution Manager;
  • Identification of risks and top issues;
  • Identification of technical risks and top issues;
  • Ensure resolution of issues and top issues according to engagement deliverables;
  • Create an action plan for resolution of the customer‘s issues and top issues. Involve SAP Backoffice organization, SAP experts, as well as experts from the customer and partners;
  • Execution of the Engagement Plan;
  • Execution of the “Engagement Plan” to safeguard and optimize projects and operations;
  • Quality Management for Implementation or Upgrade Projects;
  • Quality Management for Business Continuity;
  • Quality Management for Business Process Improvement;
  • Quality Management for Protection of investment.

All of the above quality management actions include review of services delivered by SAP as part of the engagement, as well as technical analysis in the customer systems and discussions with main stakeholders from the customer or partner organizations and other SAP lines of business. Reviewing the success of actions done by the customer, SAP partners, and all SAP departments and adaption of the action and support plan is also included.

Management of service and action plan

  • Define a service plan based on customer’s project plan and top issues in accordance with the contract situation;
  • Align service plan with customer: The Senior TQM is able to react on short term needs for the customer and can also propose a long term plan to the customer to proactively avoid issues.

Operations and Innovation Control Centers and Engineering Services delivery

  • The goal of engagements is to implement and improve operations and bringing innovations without disruption into the customer landscape and processes. This is done best via installing Operations and Innovation Control Centers (OCC and ICC) at a customer, which are supported by the Mission Control Center, located at SAP.

Establish SAP Solution Manager as collaboration platform

The Senior TQM establishes the SAP Solution Manager as a collaboration platform for:

  • Developing and driving detailed engagement plans;
  • Maintaining Service and action plans;
  • Measurement of KPIs agreed with the customer.

Documentation and reporting of Engagement status, action and value

  • Maintain and generate TQM reporting to customer and AGS providing the status of engagement deliverables, accomplishments, results of AGS interaction under MaxAttention and Safeguarding using the SAP Solution Manager.

Engagement Extension

  • The Senior TQM successfully identifies how to continue the engagement and gives input to the Engineering Architect for positioning the value to the customer.

Customer interface

  • Establish trusted relationship with customer to drive action plans resulting from DBS (Digital Business Services) engagement with customer. Own the communication relationship between the customer’s organization and SAP Global Service and Support during the engagement lifecycle.


Functional Experience

  • Problem Resolution: he/she is able to effectively resolve or drive resolution for problems that require the creation of new and innovative approaches – often with the help of our back office;
  • Ability to manage Customer Solutions in top maintenance segment (level 1);
  • Good understanding of the SAP technology and understanding of SAP Business Suite (Application);
  • Is able to manage complex customer situations and is able to communicate to the customer’s project team and C-level;
  • Well established communication and presentation skills to transfer knowledge to diverse audiences;
  • Profound program and project management skills;
  • Tool Knowledge: has a very good understanding of DBS tools (e.g. SAP Solution Manager) and is able to present and explain strategy and demonstrate capabilities to customers;
  • Thinks through and uses influence strategies to achieve agreement or support in the most complex or controversial situations internally and in partner or customer projects.


  • Master in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, or similar;
  • TQM Certification (can be obtained at the start of the role);
  • Relevant IT Experience in Project Management, Support, Business Analyst or Consultancy;
  • English: Fluent;
  • Dutch/French knowledge is a big plus.

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